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What is Equine Adverts?
Equine Adverts is a fast growing UK based equestrian classifieds website which is designed to be clean, clear, affordable and effective.
How do I contact you?
You can get in touch with us by filling in our contact form. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.
How do I place an advert?
It is currently only possible to place an advert using the full version of our site. You can do this by either using non-mobile device or by clicking the "Full Site" link at the foot of any Equine Adverts Mobile page.
How many people visit Equine Adverts?
Equine Adverts attracts over 3,000 daily visitors, and our adverts are syndicated with other large classifieds sites on the Oodle network, including The Sun Classifieds, increasing the amount of people that could potentially see your advert.
What are featured ads, and how do I feature my advert?
When placing your advert you can choose to pay a small amount to feature it for either 3, 7 or 14 days. As well as the latest featured ads appearing on the homepage, featured ads appear at the top of their respective category and typically attract up to 4 times as many views as regular ads.
There's an advert on the site that looks dodgy! What should I do?
If you suspect a that an advert is dodgy please contact us with further details if necessary. We do our up-most to keep the site rid of these sort of adverts but at times some do slip though the net.
What do I do if I've had a reply that seems dodgy?
Please don't reply and forward the email to us at Unfortunately there are scammers on all classifieds sites, but let us know and we'll do our best to block them accessing Equine Adverts and put them on our black list.
What common scams should I look out for?

Online classifieds are a great way to buy or sell just about anything nowdays and to reach a huge audience in the process. Unfortunately, from time to time we're hearing of new scams doing the rounds, so here at Equine Adverts we'd like to do our best to fight these scammers and help to make you more aware so that you can protect yourself from falling victim to any of these yourself.

These scams aren't limited to equestrian classified sites like Equine Adverts, but are found on online classifieds in general - and sometimes even offline (in the "real world"), so we'd be grateful if you could let us know of any new scams you hear of, and also spread the word yourself to help make as many people aware as possible!

Common Scams

We've outlined some common scams for you to be aware of below. If you come across any new ones, please let us know so that we can add them to this page.

Overpayment scams

Some "buyers" will contact you offering to buy your horse and issue a cheque or bankers draft of a higher value than your horse is worth. They often instruct you to give the excess funds to their shipper or to return the excess to them via a money transfer. The bankers draft will be a fake and in a couple of week's will have bounced, but in the meantime you've handed over money to their "shipper" and they have your horse. These scammers are usually from overseas and won't have even seen your horse in person before agreeing to buy it. So look out for any warning signs like these.

Try to deal with people only in person and in the same country as yourself. If the buyer doesn't even see the horse before offering to pay up, alarm bells should start ringing! Would you buy a horse without even seeing it first?

Horses that are not the owners to sell

Make sure you do your background research before handing over the cash for a horse - check any registration documents, passports or vaccination certificates to make sure that the horse is in the owners name. There are far too many stories of "owners" having horses on loan and selling them on as their own.

The horse not being as advertised

Whatever you do, make sure you see the horse in person before you buy and again do your research! If you suspect an advert you see online is not genuine, please let us know.

Really, the number one priority is to trust your gut and use your common sense. If you have your doubts about anything, something's probably wrong with the deal, so don't risk it! You can also contact us if you're unsure of anything or come across any new scams.

How to I edit or delete my ad?
To edit or delete your advert use the links provided in your activation email. If you have lost it, click here to get them resent to you.
How long will my ad run for?
Your advert will run for 6 months, unless you delete it beforehand.
Why hasn't my advert appeared on the site yet?
Have you clicked the activation link in your activation email? If not received, get it resent here. If you have, give it 15 minutes as it can take a short time for ads to appear. Failing all else, contact us here.
Why has my advert disappeared?
Your advert will be removed if it is 6 months old or your advert broke the sites terms of use or is in the wrong category.
What if there isn't a category for what I want to advertise?!
If there is a category you would like to see on the site do feel free to get in contact with us and suggest it. We're happy to consider adding new categories.
I've got another question!
Contact us here and we'll be happy to help.

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